And Then There Were Nine...

It’s been an eventful 2013 thus far at 9Mile Labs. A little over 3 months after announcing the 9Mile Labs accelerator (Jan 2, to be precise), we’re at the point where we have nine great teams who are ready to start the program April 8. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number and quality of B2B-focused applications we received. While this has made our task of selecting our cohort only harder over the last few weeks, we’re also pleased by the final set of companies we have in the program. We have also been gratified by the support we have received from mentors, investors, executives and other organizations in the Pacific Northwest startup ecosystem thus far. Now we’re ready to leverage that support to help the entrepreneurs.

Here are the nine companies in the first 9Mile Labs cohort. As you read through the (really short) descriptions, what is clear to see is the diversity of the problems that these companies are trying to address in the B2B space. Two of the startups focus on wireless markets, three on enterprise social, one on healthcare, one on enterprise infrastructure, and two on streamlining sales and marketing processes. What is also really exciting is that 3 of the 9 companies are led by female CEOs.

So, without further ado, here we go...

Company Name Founders Short Description
1. AiroMetric Wireless
  • Annie George
  • Mathew Samuel
Wireless analytics from over the air down to the application
2. AMP Tablet Solutions
  • Patrick Henley
  • Denis Altudov
Streamlining sales by connecting mobile sales reps to their supply chain
3. Appuri
  • Damon Danieli
  • Dmitri Boulanov
Enabling agile businesses through Software Defined Operations
4. CadenceMD
  • Bonnie Cech
  • Bruce Leban
Helping physicians improve efficiency and patient satisfaction
  • John Wantz
  • Kyle Schei
Crunching sales and social data to power agile commerce
6. GIVINGtrax
  • Karrie Hungerford
  • Courtney Titus
  • Kai Sounthala
Enabling organizations to manage and promote their giving efforts
7. MeritShare
  • Kevin Nakao
  • Travis Pearl
Helping companies motivate their employees with online recognition
8. Ombitron
  • Paul Hammann
  • Ian Johnson
Machine-to-Machine Platform-as-a-Service.  Easy. Open. Wireless
9. SpinRiot
  • David Richards
Build multimedia content once, display seamlessly across multiple devices